Covema Filaments Ltd. manufactures a wide range of Nylon Monofilaments for the commercial, long line and sport fishing sectors. They are broadly classified into three brands, namely Arctic strong, Arctic Soft and Flying Fisher. We also provide products for organizations and bulk buyers according to their specification. Superior quality, competitive pricing and timely delivery give Covema a distinct advantage in the highly competitive international market.

Arctic Strong – Commercial and Mainline

Commercial leader line and mainline monofilaments specifically designed for commercial fishing applications. Arctic Strong is strong, highly invisible and supremely abrasion resistant to make them preferred lines of the industry.
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Arctic Soft – Sport fishing line

Very soft lines with high knot strength line is formulated with technopolimers and have exceptional characteristics like high tensile strength, high knot strength, maximum abrasion strength and exceptional durability.
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Flying Fisher - Copolymer sports fishing line

Premium co-polymer sports fishing lines have exceptional strength to enable anglers to go for lower diameter lines without sacrificing strength. The ultra lines are virtually invisible in the water and the bait action can not be detected by the fish. They are formulated using ultra co-polymer resins and special additives, giving them exceptional finish and casting ease. Flying Fisher has maximum abrasion strength, knot strength and shock resistance to excel in tough fishing conditions.
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Introducing our new product Bristle. We will be updating details soon. For details, please visit this page later.
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