Arctic Strong is strong, highly invisible and supremely abrasion resistant to make them preferred lines of the industry
Very soft lines with high knot strength line is formulated with technopolimers and have high tensile strength, high knot strength
Premium co-polymer sports fishing lines have exceptional strength to enable anglers to go for lower diameter lines without sacrificing strength.
Covema Filaments Ltd.
In line with Customer needs worldwide
Covema Filaments Ltd. in collaboration with Covema Italy,
brings world class nylon monofilaments. Covema Filaments cater to more than 40 countries across the world.
At Covema quality and customer satisfaction drive manufacturing process and they work in tandem to produce fishing lines that are dependable as well as affordable. From sourcing the raw material from Italy and Germany to the shipment of final products stringent quality control measures are engaged at every step.
The Nylon Monofilament fishing lines manufactured by Covema are acknowledged as the best available anywhere in the world. Covema uses computer regulated Italian extruders and a highly skilled work force to bring out quality, consistency and product satisfaction. The State of the art Italian extruders ensure superb finish and consistency.